5 Unblemished and Untainted Islands of the World

Torres Strait Islands, Australia


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An aerial view of rainforest on a small island near Fergusson Island, Milne Bay. Illegal logging on Fergusson Island is rife, much of it is being committed by foreign companies.

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Picture courtesy: nma.gov.au

Speckled north off the tip of Cape York, the 274 islands in the Torres Strait homes an intriguing tribal society which connects Aboriginal Australia to Papua New Guinea. The Great Barrier Reef is right across and there are airstrips and motels on Thursday Island and Horn Island, yet access to various islands is at the consent of neighborhood tribal community.

Yaeyama Islands, Japan


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The unruffled Yaeyama Islands are disguised somewhere around the southern tip of the Japanese archipelago. Reminding of the Caribbean, the islands of Iriomote, Taketomi and Ishigaki offer an immaculate blend of sun, sea, sand and sushi. Ishigaki has the best of the shorelines, while Taketomi is acclaimed for its traditional Ryukyuan houses and Iriomote is an outdoor heaven with several entrancing hot springs.

 Iles du Salut, French Guiana


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Billions have caught wind of Devil’s Island, however only rarest of the rare can point it on a Atlas. The Tiniest of the three Iles du Salut, this previously unpopular rehabilitation center/ asylum is separated from the shoreline of French Guiana by 11km of precarious, shark-infested waters. Steve McQueen endeavored to get away from the islands again and again in Papillion. Ironically, most visitors are seeking castaways, teased here by waving palms, talking macaws and spooky reamins from the old colonial days.

San Blas Archipelago, Panama


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Panama is probably not the first place which comes to mind when Caribbean is mentioned; however this Central American nation has coral cays to stand any of the giants from Caymans or the Virgin Islands. Governed as a free territory by the Kuna society, the San Blas Archipelago is a bow of 365 little islands unwinding in the warm waters of the southern Caribbean. Get over the luxurious resorts – the best lodgings are home stays around the local area houses and dinner is the fresh daily catch of the local anglers.

Ulleungdo, South Korea


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It’s definitely not hard to see the appeal of Ulleungdo. Somewhere between South Korea and Japan, this harsh volcanic island is said to have no sullying, no gangs and no snakes – ultimately, this is immaculate trekking destination. Boats run every from the territory to the minor port at Dodong-ri, where trails move to the unpleasant summit of Seonginbong Peak. If you have to really push the watercraft out, continue to the Dokdo islands – a little aggregation of outcrops that are disputably amidst Japan and South Korea.

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