5 Mysterious Gems in the Caribbean’s Treasury

Dominica’s rough treks and Boling Lake


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One of the Caribbean’s best escapes for wild encounters, mountain stacked Dominica sports an intriguing trek. To achieve the ‘Boiling lake you need to scramble the challenging six-mile way which adheres to the slight edges of the Valley of Desolation. The lake is concealed in steam, burping on its grayish surface. The valley is the leftovers of an 1880 volcanic activity. Hope to get dreadful.

Hidden Shoreline in Dominican Republic


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Bavaro and Punta Cana may be the most loved shoreline destinations of Dominican Republic with swarms of crowds all round the year. But, there’s a mysterious way to escape the group. Take the lovely hwy 104 toward the West Mountains which will take you to Playa Limon-a quiet shoreline swayed with coconut trees. Here you don’t need to touch knees with hundreds and in all likelihood will discover the shoreline just for yourself apart from few lost voyagers.

Bird Watching in Trinidad


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No birding book is sufficient enough to describe the 430 unique species living in Trinidad. Non-birdies get a new inclination in the wake of visiting Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Centre which is seemingly the world’s most noteworthy birding stations with best in class lodging choices in Northern Range rainforest. Additionally it is at an advantageous commute (90km) far from Port of Spain.

Christmas Carols of Puerto Rico


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If you long for a non snowy Christmas then Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan is the spot for you. Here you will discover karaoke everywhere in the city, celebrated for a month, Churches sorting out caroling contest at day brak, and Santa going door to door to offer presents. Winding in Paseo de la Princesa esplanade you are prone to bring a wooden Saint carving for Christmas keepsake.

The Rise of 007


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The Jamaican Goldeneye Resort is not the official shot area of the James Bond movie; rather it is the origin of James Bond. Perplexed? The resort is the previous bequest of Ian Fleming, who brought the idea of James Bond amid 1950’s at this spot while catering to A-rundown celebs. There has not been any lack of Global hotshots from that point onwards and Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johnson are among its prestigious and frequent guests.

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