Embrace the Nature’s Charm in Cape Verde


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Mt Fogo


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Hikers in front of the volcano Pico do Fogo, Fogo National Park, Fogo island, Cape Verde

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Cape Verde’s most essential peak(2829m), the cone formed, cinder clad Mt Fogo, rises radically out of the floor of an old caldera known as Chadas Caldeiras. A terrific, cobbled road, punctuated by towns with magma square houses, encompasses the island.

It’s still a active well of lava, yet audacious agriculturists raise coffee and wine grapes on its dim inclinations. The Volcanic cone stays set up and at present can be climbed. In any case, you’ll oblige a good pair of boots and a guide as the inclinations are covered in slag.

Santo Antao


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For some people the primary motivation behind going to Cape Verde is Santo Antao, and it is a legitimate reason. This confusingly vertical isle, burst with gorges, precipices and valleys, offers presumably the most astonishing trekking in West Africa. As you approach it from Sao Vicente by boat, you wouldn’t consider how green it is, as the south side looks really fruitless and unpleasant. In the meantime the upper east of the island, which is the most populated corner and the most pervasive with climbers, gets enough rains for forests of pine trees to dominate the crests and tropical plants to flourish in the hot valleys.

Boa Vista


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With its feathery lines of peachy ascents, stark fields and small desert gardens, Boa Vista looks as if a bit of the Sahara somehow left the side of Africa and skimmed out to the focal point of the Atlantic. Regardless of the way that the island offers some wonderful wind-blown shorelines, stunning windsurfing, the truly little town of Sal Rei, and quickly expanding number of resorts and motels, its this desert inside that is the main reason why people jaunt to this place . Be ready for some brutal driving through harsh landscape, as the larger part of Boa Vista’s boulevards are beguiling.



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Set around a sickle shaped port and ringed by forsaken mountains, Mindelo is Cape Verde’s reply to the Riviera, complete with cobblestone parkways; pastel shaded colonial structures and yachts drifting in a calm harbor. Around a bend is the country’s most vital mechanical port, which in the late nineteenth century was a key coaling station for British ships and remains the center reason of the city’s relative achievement.



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Sparkling like a pearl over the turquoise blue water, Maio is a spot of extraordinary shorelines where you will experience time halting by. The significant attractions of the city are popularized town of Porto Ingles; the laidback fishing town of Calheta, the wide open which takes after the canvas decorated with acacia-bound interiorss. Set yourself up for that ethereal experience that will make you drop your jaw.

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