3 Sensuous Spots of the Marvelous Maui


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Maui has abundant Natural miracles, and usually it is very difficult to choose among them. You need not bother, as we have brought for you 3 Mauian Experiences which will make you understand, that why this spot is superior from the other travel destinations of the world.

Road to Hana


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Need to boost up your adrenaline? Of all the amazing drives in Hawaii, this is the Big Shaman. A winding roadway which wanders aimlessly and goes through the enormous bluffs, covered up in green on one side and the snaking streets one side which you have just drove through. This could beat any Roller Coaster ride of the world on any given day. There are about 54 bridges in transit, and about the same number of waterfalls, the majority of them tumbling down from the inclines while some are gentle enough so that you can have a dip. Be that as it may, the drive is just a part of the charisma, bounce off your auto and dive into a brilliant pool and wind around the ginger-scented valleys to catch the real vibe of the place.

 Halaekala National Park


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Imagine yourself congregated at dawn, looking for asylum from the battering cold wind in a cover, and your fellow mates lounging around the campfire to keep their bodies warm. Everything seems strange and everyone is anticipating that something supernatural is about to happen. At that point a soft orange beam lights the dark summit. Everybody gets relieved and cheered up. The pit floor below is lit up with gentler shades of yellow and ochre, craving to be explored. The sands crush underneath your feet as you drop to the moon-like world Halaekala.

Big Beach (Oneloa) Makena State Park


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For a minute you will believe that it’s just a fantasy, in light of the fact that you most likely may have never seen such a serene spot. Despite of being the much frequented shoreline this spot has shockingly clutch its indigenous appeal and is moderately unmarred from whatever is left of the shorelines on the coast. This shoreline will make you more familiar with nature. Despite the fact that this is the spiritual home to many of the Mauians, you won’t need to strive for locating an empty corner here. Show adoration to the waves and admire the dusks. The Bounties of this shoreline are endless, it enchants every visitor.

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