Bliss in the All Blue City of Morocco: The Captivating Chefchaouen


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Chefchaouen couldn’t have been set in a more wonderful setting. The city is settled in Morocco’s Rif Mountains, which forms an immaculate natural background for its dynamic blue houses; this is the way the nature and humanity have intended it to give a powerful feeling. The town puts bounty on table from astonishing trekking trails to wonderful streams perfect for diving in and from finest cooking styles to glamorous shopping roads.


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The Chefchaouen initially served as a Moorish mansion for outcasts from Spain, fabricated by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa. Over the period of time it grasped Judaism and Christianity. The main reasons for the blue painted structures is religious, the Jews trusted that coloring shawls with “Tekhelel” is a petition to God brought the devotees closer to God and the blue palette which you see today is the outcome of this old custom.


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At present, Chefchaouen is a crossroad of societies with primitive tribes, Muslims and Jews being its primary occupants. The tribes can be effortlessly spotted with their cotton dress and multi-hued caps, adorned with splendid strings.


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Chefchaouean has enough to content the thrill seekers. Sensational Valleys, shocking gorges and excellent peaks abound, where the barren meet the streams hurrying down from the mountains. Treks are accessible for all proficiency level and differ from a solitary day treks to five day treks. A few courses go through the thick green timberlands close to the town of Jevel el Kelaa, offering brilliant views of the Mediterranean waters. 


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The reasonable night skies are dabbed with brilliant stars and you can look over outdoors lodgings gave by families to rich Five-star extravagances.


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Energetic and brilliant, Chefchaouen’s medina is a delightful spot. Settled in the winding slope lanes it’s an enticing emporium for the shopaholics. Metal pots and plates sparkle and hand-woven sheets and shawls conceal the walls and tables. Stores of Aztec-style sacks and Moroccan shoes are encompassed by hagglers.

Before escaping in shopping and ends up burning your pocket, ensure that you are familiar with the bargain culture of the place. Get a few hands on the hands on haggling and fight for the best prices

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