Peninsula de Samana: The Talisman of Dominican Republic


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This flat appendage of the Dominican Republic, skimming in the North Atlantic Ocean, barely connected to the mainland, is totally different from what you find in the tourism scene of the Southeast Dominican Republic. Astounding whale-watching trips, array of untainted shorelines and awe inspiring seafront towns spruced up in European style; make this promontory a standout amongst all other attractions of the Caribbean.

Carnival of Humpback Whales


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The most loved action of the peninsular, and the only time when it gets a too crowded is from mid-January, to mid-March. This is the time when around 10,000 North Atlantic humpback whales move to the channels for mating, the sight drops the jaw of the spectators. The best whale-watching excursion is operated by the Canadian sea life scholar Kim Beddall which sets off daily from Samana town.

Savoring the Delights of El Cabito


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The traditional yet chic EL Cabito eatery gives an altogether new meaning to the sea food. The views at dusk are perplexing; the pastel shades of sky first fuse into one another before abandoning to the dark. The only sound which you will most likely hear is that of the chirping birds coming back to their homes and the waves dashing out the base of the bluffs. The eating scene is supported by outlandish sceneries, and the overall experience will stay with you for longer than you would have thought.

Imprinting the sands of Playa Rincon


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Dominican Republic has a lot of wonderful shorelines to its bounties, yet Playa Rincon is something out of this world. An exquisite 3 km stretch of sand, unmarred from tourism and went down by thick palm woodlands stuns you completely. The nature has intended to make it the ideal shoreline for unwinding.

Getting Up Close and Personal with the Nature -Parque Nacional Los Haitises


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This enchantment of Samana has been hidden by waters. This ocean side marine park guarantees 1375 sq km of subtropical sodden woods, more than hundred types of birds and different mangroves and limestone sinkholes. Its striking scene, focused on shocking rich meadows protruding 30m to 50m out of the water, as shaped because of the tectonic developments which twisted the submerged limestone rack, several thousand years back. Notwithstanding the way that it really is a part of mainland, Los Haitises is best accessed by kayak trips from Samana.

Cherishing the Ecstatic flavors of the World-Las Terrenas


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A champion amongst the most delightful spots in Samana is the manor of Las Terrenas, discovered 38km northwest of Samana town. With an especially European feel – Italians expats tasting espresso, French outsiders passing on pieces of crisp baguettes on their backs as they bike through town – Las Terrenas is a mixture of different societies, however for the most part wrapped up in Latin.

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