Let’s Pay Our Tribute to the Serendipitous Jeju Islands

With close vicinity to dozing yet overwhelming volcanoes, fun and skip at shores, and a wide exhibit of climbing treks that give an entire new definition to the thirst for exploration.; Jeju island has something to offer to each vacationer, regardless of what their inclinations are.

Options of activities abound, thanks to the plenitude of natural assets and a flourishing mass tourism scene, so organizing the activities on the “To Do List’ isn’t a cakewalk.

Encountering a Volcano


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Wake up an hour earlier than the dawn and scramble up the Seongsan Ilchul-bong-a sensational volcano on the eastern shoreline of Jeju. Generally it takes under 30 minutes to reach to the top. On coming to the summit you can watch the sun peeping out of the skyline and get charmed the supernatural appeal of the nature.

Hitch Hiking in Olle


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The most perfect way to get acquainted with the countryside in Jeju is to walk any of the Olle trails. Today, Olle implies a joint web of 26 marked climbing ways that are spread across the island. Trail lengths vary some place around 7 and 23 kilometers long, each of which gives you the chance to get to know local people.

Sunset at Hyeopjae Beach


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With the ethereal extends of fine white sand (dotted with dark igneous rock) diving delicately in the cobalt blue waters, Hyeopjae is a champion amongst the shorelines of Jeju. Without much surprises, it gets swarmed in summers, when the crowd sets in to revel in the waters which are of waist-height, yet it’s generally tranquil amid the remaining parts the year. However sunset is the thing which this shoreline gloats. After the sun dunks into the horizon, the different shades of sky mixes into one another and afterward surrender to the mighty darkness.

Cherish the Ecstatic Food


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Jeju’s foods are deeply influenced by the flavors from the ocean for instance the haemul tang, a smooth hot pot loaded with, fishes, crab and shrimps dunked in broth. Local toppings adds to the taste of tang. It is served with vegetables and a dish of rice. Despite the fact that it is normally a lunch yet it also compensates for an awesome breakfast.

Call of Faith


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To achieve wisdom you have to bear lot of pain. This is the thing that you will learn from your trek to Sanbang-gul-sa-a little yet a great sanctuary on the island’s south-western edge. A 2 km walk around the town of Sagye-ri will lead you to the huge rock peeping out of the earth – Sangbang-san. Again you have to scramble up the precarious stairs which will take you to the concealed cave where the Buddha statue is set. Lit up incense and drink the sacred water from the adjacent pool which is believed to posses mystical powers.

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