Catching the Nerve of Hong Kong


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Hong Kong is mystical in many ways. The high rises lodgings covered up with extravagance are the first, yet the third world dwellings look like a third world elements. How this mesmerizing, little island is a home to a population of 7 million. This cosmopolitan city is stacked with 10,000 diners. Fantasies keep coming to life in this superb island.


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Puzzled you reach the shores and gawp at the sensational territory. The unraveling vistas of the notorious landmarks kissing the skies are certain to leave you at the edge of the awe. The sight clamoring harbor dabbed with vendor boats and visitor ships and the ultra-modern landscape at the backdrop popping out of wildernesses at overwhelming statures.

Tian Tan Buddha (Hong Kong, Lantau Island)

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This spot is a smooth criminal, outlandish, stunning and well connected On the off chance that you are going for a conference, expect some supernatural vistas from the overhangs of engineering marvels and on the off chance that you are going to chill off, you will never at any point come up short on alternatives to explore. Here we picked up some ways to get the true essence of Hong Kong.

 Hop around Hong Kong Island’s northern coast on a tram


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22.24610N 114.17628E

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It hardly matters how often you visit Honk Kong, a ride on a double-decker transport is perpetually energizing. Yes they are slow, without the A.C and completely open up to the buzzing of the city, but that is part of the excitement. You will proceed slowly peering through a silver of Hong Kong Island; your adventure along the cable car courses offers enchanting and euphoric urban panoramas.

Pray for healthy Future in Temple of New Kowloon


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Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is a palette of different hues; red columns, light yellow roofs and somewhat blue green lattices. Moving down the primary sanctuary are the great wish gardens, adorned with curving scaffolds and turquoise lakes. Inside of the intricate there is a peculiar verandah loaded with various stalls where fortune tellers tell you about your destiny.

Get wrapped up with luxury Hong Kong’s legendary Peninsula hotel


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For sheer lavishness and soothing ambiance with a quartet sawing away vigorously in the halls, a tea at the fabulous Peninsula lodging is a remarkable affair. The Peninsula is most likely the best designed jewel of Hong Kong and one of the greatest lodgings on the planet. Come, get to know the wealthy side of the Island.

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