Submit to the Mysterious Appeal of the Unostentatious Old San Juan


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Old San Juan

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Indeed, even those at s short tour to Puerto Rico fall effortlessly under the staggering spells of Old San Juan’s cobblestone streets, pastel painted colonial structures and awe-inspiring fortresses. From the fortified walls of El Morro, the appeal of this spot is obvious in each course – from the labyrinth of wandering aimlessly back roads to unending gleam of the Atlantic.


Serene Shorelines


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This – the crush of sand between the toes, the splendid shimmer of turquoise water and musical shush of peaking waves, perhaps the patter of your most loved record in the earphones – supplies a visit to Puerto Rico with the characteristics of a fantasy. From the brilliant, sickle molded paradise of Playa Flamenco (considered among the world’s best shorelines), coconut oil-scented hordes of Puerto Rico’s little reminiscence of Brazil, Playa Isla Verde, and the segregated, mangrove-concealed hideaways in the south to the thundering surf of the west, Puerto Rico’s unending shorelines are the incarnation of your ideal paradise.

Bioluminescent inlets


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Few experiences can stand the spine-shivering experience of floating into inky waves under a covering of stars and seeing one of the nature’s most magical traps: the powerful glimmer of bioluminescent waters. Swimming or kayaking into Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent inlets and seeing the jeweled flash of water drop from your hands or light up a paddle stroke ensures an affair of natural marvel. The bioluminescent waters in the bays of Vieques treasure the jewels at its best.

Gin-Clear Waters


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A vast segment of the island’s most brilliant spots for snorkeling and swimming lie out of the vivaciously swarmed traveler zones, on satellite islands off the main island’s east or south drift and coral reefs in the southwest. In the morning, waters off these domains are splendidly clear and for the most part adequately cool to paddle around for quite long and to enjoy the ethereal visibility of up to 75 m. Can there be any better view– expect a horde of splendidly shaded fish, colorful corals and, if you are very lucky, you might spot a torpid sting ray as well.

Colonial Influence


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In case you endeavor to see every single reflector of colonial excellence – every one of the fountains and grand squares, each noteworthy stately home or buttressed nineteenth century community hall – It would require more than a month to cherish the Puerto Rico’s architectural zenith. But, if your time-table doesn’t allow anything else outside of Old San Juan, go out for a stroll around the Plaza Las Delicias in Ponce.


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