3 Amazing Places to Propose Your Crush

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)


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Sunrises are generally considered to be mesmerizing, but those in the Bagan are simply ethereal. The centre of the once glorious Pagan Kingdom somewhere between 9th to 13th centuries, Bagan was once bestowed with more than 10,000 Buddhist Monastery, sanctuaries and pagodas. Even today, about 2000 of the architectural marvels stand tall on its magnificent terrains. Reach to the terrace of any of the enigmatic temples, Lawkaoushaung will be a good choice, and experience the sun popping out of the horizon and darkness abandoning to the golden canvass with hues of red and orange. This sight will ignite up all your senses, what could be a better setting to confess your love for your sweetheart?

 Trolltunga, Skjeggedal, Norway


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If your crush loves to revel in great outdoors, and isn’t afraid of daunting heights, take her to the edge of the Troll’s Tongue, and drop on to the knees and pop out the question. This is something which she will remember throughout her life. With such heavenly settings, your chances of getting all strings attached are all time high. Trolltunga is a rock sliver which looms over an abyss at the height of 700m and offers majestic panoramas of the lake of Ringedalsvatnet.

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


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15 Jan 2009, Udaipur, India --- Reservoir seen from a porch in the southern part of Udaipur --- Image by © Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis

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This enamoring city of the state of Rajasthan was deeply adored by the Lieutenant-Colonel James Tod in 1829. He though it to be the most romantic spot in the whole of sub-continent. Its extravagant palaces, holy sanctuaries and awe-inspiring havelis dot the shore of the Lake Pichola and the famous white marble palace seems to skim on the Lake’s calm waters. Today, it’s a heritage hotel and its reputation for holding engagements is fast becoming a legend.

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