3 Enamoring Towns of Central America

 Panama City, Panama


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Panama City Beach, Florida, view of Front Beach Road at night during blue hour

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Today’s Panama City which runs though in a cosmopolitan fabric, is really a union of three urban areas, The old ruins of Panama Viejo, the first city abandoned to pirates in seventeenth century; Downtown is unabashed fan of Miami with sky-kissing architectures, where you will discover lavish shopping centers and luxurious resorts and obviously the lively and dynamic nightlife; and the third one is colonial town of Casco Viejo, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World heritage Site, and it is following the footprints of Havana, and is quick turning into the socio-cultural center of the nation on account of the late preservation drive.

 Granada, Nicaragua


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March 2009, Granada, Granada, Nicaragua --- Nicaragua, Granada, Iglesia de Guadalupe --- Image by © Jane Sweeney/JAI/Corbis

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Granada has astonishingly retained its original vibe, it was intended to be an architectural marvel, and luckily it turned out so. It was established as a model city for the advanced world in 1524. It is more than alluring in charm and you can get a look of the city’s brilliant past by winding in its lanes. Its eating scene is quick turning into a legend. Relish the rich local delights by the day; savour the old rum by night and wake up to a reviving coffee in the morning.

Antigua, Guatemala

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Guests are enticed by Antigua, a cryptic town tucked between three volcanoes. The swarms of vacationers are tricked in the enchanted appeal of its places of worship, greatness of its religious communities and estates, pervaded with cosmopolitan flavor, Spanish boutiques putting on table the finest ancient rarities in the entire America. Its prevalence has made it into crossroad of cultures. It is a bit more swarmed than you would envision, however, it appeals to all your senses.

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