Beauty of the Caribbean Beyond the Beaches

Beauty of the Caribbean Beyond the Beaches

Art Beautiful sunrise over the tropical beach

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There’s a whole different world to Caribbean than just shorelines, the Caribbean are well known for flawless white sands next to coastal waters and luxurious resorts with moored yachts. Nevertheless, the charm of the Caribbean towns is second to none, some have more established history than that of pilgrims, cobbled streets looking out of glimmering waters and enough attractions to justifying sticking around in the town, far from the wonderful extends of sand.

 San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Mayflower came to the Americas. The grand Puerto Rican Capital has enough beguilement that can fill a weekend’s timetable. The cobblestoned roads of Old San Juan are checked with Cafes, diners and lodgings and two old sublime strongholds; a six-story El Morro and the Fuerte San Cristobal which has a complex arrangement of passages. San Juan additionally has a prospering scene of craftsmanship, free salsa instructional exercises in the clubs and rich eating in the ostentatious SoFo region on Fortaleza St, and entrancing shorelines beneath the city dividers. For a break from the city’s chaos, take a day long trek in the verdant rainforest close to El Yunque.

 Havana, Cuba


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Havana is presently a trend on the world tourism scene, and rightly so, this heavenly town has unlimited ecstasies that people don’t get tired cherishing them. Wandering in the tumbling magnificence of old Havana feels like you have entered a movie of 1950’s. Old models of Cadillac and Ford motors cruise through the potholed colonial boulevards creating ethereal canvass of vibrantly painted structures and autos. The chic and the flashy mob of Casa de la Musica have turned into a legend. Sipping a local produced coffee is one of the favorite leisure activities of local people. Savouring a coffee in lavish interiors, like that of the rooms of Hostal Condes de Villanueva where rooms with shaded glass loom over an emerald green courtyard.

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