Tahiti: The Place to Show What You Are Really Made Of


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There is certainly much more to Tahiti than a lovely round coastline and wonderful reefs. Tahiti has numerous overwhelming basalt precipices and greenery circumscribed valleys spouted by waterfalls with heavenly statures. This raw side of the island has not yet caught the eyes of travel enthusiasts, moreover reaching here is a battle in itself. Here are 2 wild experiences of Tahiti which requires the audacity to encounter and urge for exploration.

Get Up Close with the Hitiia lava tubes


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Lava tubes are immense passages which are shaped by the cooling of magma. A stream goes through these dull caverns, thus to explore these holes you have to swim and scramble through thin rocks in the dark settings. Explorers need to wear a headlamp before infiltrating into the passages and an outing here looks more like an adventure to the third world. The primary tube is 100 m, after that comes a 300 m which is a home to two spouting waterfalls whose swooshing round echoes in the magma land. The third and biggest cave twists and turns around an unpredictable system of caves, and it too have a waterfall and a frosty icy lagoon inside. At the opening of the tubes there are more waterfalls gathering into turquoise pools where you can take a plunge to restore yourself.

4X4 Expedition to the Lake Vaihiria


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View of lake Vaihiria, Lac Vaihiria, a small freshwater lake, Tahiti, French Polynesia, south sea

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4WD tours, dive deep into the historical archeological sites of the Papearii and Papeeno Valleys furthermore to the Lake Vahiria. The jeep keeps running on the sloppy tracks which are made for getting to electric plants and rises up to the slopes which protect the waterway valley. While scrambling up the precarious inclines, you will defy the concept of gravity. The valleys were inhabited before the Europeans came. The old remnants of the sanctuary and condemned houses clue you about the good olden days of the region. A portion of the natural pools have high measures of minerals, where you can take a plunge to detox and break from the stacked cabin of the automobile. Lake Vahiria is a filthy pit lake which is bordered by raspberry plants.

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