Uncovering the 5 Concealed Places of the world for intrepid travelers

Chongqing, China


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The Chongqing is eclipsed by the over praised neighboring Sichuan. It certainly deserves more merit on account of its phenomenal setting, looking down to the Yangzi River and obviously for its delightful hot food too. The China’s futuristic landscapes lives in harmony with the old styled docks influenced with traditional steel water crafts, and the city’s productive force of potters endeavor to put baggage and merchandise on thick bamboo shafts to transport it over the precarious slopes.

 Helsinki, Finland


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They say that-‘Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest room in your heart’, so is the case with the Finnish Capital, which is the northernmost city of the Europe and certainly one of the smallest if not less. On the front it has sparkling Baltic Sea and most of its prestigious sights stand on the island, like the eighteenth century fortress of Suomenlinna. This unostentatious yet glorious capital houses many extravagant structures and the cafeteria’s going back to 1930’s. The city is generally quiet, however when the sun is out, it turns into a humming and enthusiastic spot.

 Takayama, Japan


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For those looking to embrace the charm of nature, it is suggested that they take a trek to the abandoned side of the Honshu Island, to dive into the golden past of old Japan. Those with the thirst for exploration will be awarded with Takayama, a city flawed with morning markets, hillside temples and conventional breweries. The nearby Shirakawa-go has additionally got a considerable measure of scenic beauty and its stilt farmhouses are well known all over the nation.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain


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The climate is soothingly warm in this off the beaten track Andalucian town, which is unfathomably famous for its sherry produce. There are numerous magnificent churches; a grandeur castle roosted on the highest point of the slope and various Bodegas (basement) where you can relish the Jerez’s beloved wines. The specialty of Flamenco also flourishes in the historic lanes of the Jerez.

Meknes, Morocco


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[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] The ruins of Volubilis, a Roman city in Morocco near Meknes dating from the 3rd century BC.

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Just few of the fortunate gutsy voyagers have spoiled their senses in this little yet baffling kin of Fes and Marrakesh. There’s bounty to appreciate in this antiquated magnificent city which was once plunged in richness. Inside of its dividers, there are numerous architectural marvels; more than 50 fabulous royal residences and about the same number of enchanting greenery enclosures. The close-by Roman remnants of Volubilis are stunning too.

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