Abandoned Cities of America: A Dive into the Mystical Past

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

Colombia; Parque Nacional Natural Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; Lost City trail; Ciudad Perdida; 2014

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Entering into Ciudad Perdida is an experience of a lifetime. Hidden away in the cloudy rainforests of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, you have to swoosh past the verdant green wildernesses, skim through the tricky trails, cross through the spouting waterways and scramble up hard on the overwhelming inclines. Established in between AD 500 to 700 by the shrewd Tayrona Indians, it was abandoned amid the Spanish conquest. Few audacious treasure hunters discovered it in 1970’s and they took away whatever they could. The dramatic setting, the fascinating fortress leaves the visitors at the edge of the awe.

Calakmul, Mexico


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You won’t be able to hear the strides in the midst of the humming jabber of monkeys at Calakmul. Set in the wilderness of Campeche, Calakmul’s vertical pyramids (covered with green sheets) are without a doubt the tallest in Mexico. The megalopolis was the rival Kingdom of Tikal right across the frontiers in Guatemala. The excavated multi- hued frescos which were covered underneath the pyramids for a long time, give a glimpse of the everyday Mayan life.

Choquequirao, Peru


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The old fortress of Machu Picchu has been celebrated over the last decade. Just 44km far from it is the Choquequirao which means cradle of gold. A few students of history say that no two futuristic settlements stood so close to one another in the past times. Although underrated yet Choquequirao is nothing short of being ecstatic. This perched city was authorized by Topa Inca Yupanqui, the Prince of the Incans. The site was proposed as a shelter to the royals as a ceremonial one.

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