3 Things to Do in Magical Maui


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Maui is the smorgasbord of natural marvels and it is generally difficult to choose among them. You need not stress out, in the light of the fact that we have brought you 3 Mauian Experiences which will make you understand, that why this place is the best among other touristy spots of the world.

Road to Hana


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Want to pump adrenaline in your blood? Of all the stunning drives in Hawaii, this is the Big Shot. A winding expressway which wanders aimlessly and goes through the monstrous bluffs, covered up in green on one side and the maze like streets one side which you have recently driven through. This could stand any roller-coaster of the world. There are about 54 bridges in transit, and the same number of waterfalls as well, most of which rush down from the slopes while some are good enough to have a plunge, so as to revive up your tired muscles. But, the drive is just a part of magic, jump off your vehicle and dive into a brilliant pool and wander around the ginger-scented valleys to catch the nerves of this majestic place.

Halaekala National Park


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Haleakala National Park, Maui island, Hawaii, USA

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Imagine yourself grouped at dawn, looking for asylum from the chilly breeze under a sheet, and your peers lounging around the fire to keep their bodies warm. Everything feels strange and everyone is anticipating that something out of this world is about to happen. At that point a soft, orange ray illuminates the dim summit. . The moon like surface below is lit up with milder shades of yellow and ochre, pulling you in. The sands get crushed by your feet, when you scramble down to the moon-like landscape of Halaekala.

Big Beach (Oneloa) Makena State Park


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For a minute you will think that you are dreaming because you might have never seen such an ethereal, peaceful spot some time recently. Despite of being the much popular beach, this spot has retained its original vibe and is comparatively unmarred from other shorelines on the coast. This shoreline will make you more familiar with nature. Despite the fact that this is the hotspot for most of the Mauians, you will easily find a corner for yourself here. Pay your regards to the waves and revel in the evenings. The ecstasies of this watery paradise are countless.

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