The Bliss of the Baffling Boracay



These days, you might well have caught the wind of the Boracay, and let we tell you that you are not alone; it is the word on the streets today. In last few years, this wonderful island has gained the spotlight of the global media because of both deliberate and natural reasons. But the present cult following pose new challenges for the tourists: choosing from the vast and rich options of lodgings, dining and activities.


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Gone is the era, when you got contented by staying in the Nipa cabins, delighted by the fact that there was no electricity. Today the glitzy Boracay, shimmering White beach, is outline by high-end resorts, relishing restaurants, chic bars and dive gear rentals. Other drastic changes have taken place in the insides of the Bracay as well. You can always experience what you endeavor for at the affordable price; you just need to be enlightened about where to look for.

White Beach


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If you are not willing to make a hole in your pocket, don’t worry, Boracay is ready to embrace you. A short stroll from the White Beach will bring you to the Frendz resort, where you will indulge in the perfect blend of offerings: Comfy rooms, reasonable rates, and a friendly ambiance supported by live music, sumptuous cocktails and lip-smacking starters. Most importantly, the hotels have its private share of the beach.


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If you are not that tight on the budget, you can always resort to the newcomer Hey! Jude South beach which has large and vibrant rooms, all of which face the sea. The breakfast is served on the sands, what else can be a better start to a day with such exotic scenery at the backdrop. As far as style quotient is concerned, Boracay Pito Huts is an undisputed champion, an array of seven wooden villas, that have bended walls and nightfall themed interiors, that spellbind you after a rejoicing day in the sun. They are nestled on the poles over the sand, and offer you a pleasing solitude and isolation from the bustling crowds.

Nightlife and Spas


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The nightlife is best exemplified by the Area 51 Secret Party Facility, which is not only the most energetic clubs the country has ever witnessed, but also the host to the most flamboyant and amazing parties on the island.


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If you fancy tranquility and serenity, abandon yourself to the Tirta Spa, or the natural extravaganza of the Mandala Spa, and undergo their 90 min signature treatments.

A word to the Wise – While it’s difficult to break from the captivity of the Boracay, these tempting retreats put an abrupt spot to all your chances of escaping to the real world.

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