The Non-Watery Enigmas of Philippines


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Whenever Philippines is mentioned, you start to envision exotic stretches of sand gently plunging into the azure blue waters. Ethereal islands such as Boracay and Palawan have kept the postcard vendors in business for quite a while now. But try to move away from the shores, of course, it won’t be the obvious choice given the rich treasury of 7000 islands which the country brags about, you will discover a totally new and serendipitous landscapes of the country.


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Undeniably Philippines is one of the best tropical paradises you will ever come across, it has some beaches which are perfect for swimming in a hammock and savoring the cocktails with the help of the bended straw, but there is certainly much more to the country than just the elegant appearance. It has rich flora and fauna, spine-tingling scenic splendor and the ecstasies which you can have it all to yourself.

Rice Terraces


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The Rice terraces of the Philippines are justifiably called as the 8th Wonder of the World. They were chiseled out of the slopes in North Luzon about two millenniums ago. It is believed that if these were spread in a linear fashion, they would match half the length of the globe. Two enigmatic places around them are Banaue and Batad, which are about 8 hours drive away to north of Manila- so most of the tourist of the country don’t jaunt there. We feel pity for them for their lack of Wisdom, escape here to see the awe-inspiring rice terraces, majestic terrains, to experience the melancholies of the surrounding mountains, to stroll on the abandoned paths or make your own way out, and to grasp the traditions and customs of old Philippines which are still practiced here.



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No, this isn’t some kind of a joke, we are serious. They may not be the most cherished tourist attraction of the country, but the hanging coffins of Sagada are an intriguing display of the regions weird and daunting culture. Found on the bluffs of the valleys, dotting the mountain province, this typical committal ceremony isn’t seen anywhere else in the world. To reach there, urge for exploration is a must. The journey includes half day’s bus ride from the capital, and in the last few hours you have to ascend through the twisting and turning road alongside the mountains. The region has some prolific choices of treks, besides gushing down cascades and caves to explore- some of which are burial place. Witness the coffins and get enthralled by the silent eeriness of the sight.

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