3 Best Urban Hikes of the World

Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro


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Here’s your chance to witness the natural extravagance. Brazil’s pioneer national park, and the world’s biggest urban jungle, nestled right in the centre of the Rio de Janerio. Reformed and reestablished as an Atlantic rainforest in the late 19th century, the forest is endowed with several rushing cascades, soaring trees and rugged tops. Snaking around them all is a series of hiking trails. The Tijuca peak at an amazing height of about a kilometer is the highest peak in the park, with a trail which finishes at stone steps secured by iron chains. Or for some sheer Brazilian thrill, ascend to the top of Corcoado– inside the park- with its legendary statue- Christ the Redeemer, which has made the list of New Wonders of the World.

Great Coastal Walk, Sydney


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The Australia’s largest city has been bestowed with an ecstatic coastline like no other. And the best part is that all of its length can be hiked, provided, you have a week to jaunt around. The trail starts at Barrenjoey, on the edge of the Sydney’s northernmost beaches, and transits to the sandy landscape of Manly before heading inside to the Harbour Bridge and Southern banks of Sydney harbor. The trail finishes at the suburban region of Cronulla, if these 94km failed to soak you up, you can always take a boat ride across Bundeena and hike another 26km to make your thighs cry.

Thames Path, London


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The Thames Path parallels the length of the England’s most famous river, and it extends up to 294km. But you don’t have to cross the limits of the capital to walk on some of the best sections of the Thames path. Start your trek in Kingston-on Thames, and its two venturesome days of walking to Tower Bridge or the path’s tail at the Thames barrier in Greenwich. The walk is like soaking up the culture of the London, crossing Kew gardens, Battersea and electric station, and other iconic locations such as London Eye and Big Ben as well.

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