Must Visit Places for Enigmatic Experiences in the Catalonia Region


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Barcelonian Tapas


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In the twisted and turning alleys of Barri Gothic, tapas fever is spread out in the air. The stoned villas of Barcelona’s earliest neighbourhood, homes tapas eateries which bear witness to the two truths of life, first that these tapas are permeated with the finest of the toppings and stacked with exotic flavours, and second, good things comes in small packages, so is the case here.


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Tapa is so much more than just food. Some say that it’s the lifeline of Spanish cultures as tapas are the best excuse for family and peers to hangout. It strengthens the bond among loved ones.

Girona for delving into medieval Spain


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The main highlight of the area is its awe-inspiring stone walls which encircle churches, cathedrals, stately homes, some of which dates back to a millennium. Cathedral perched on the top of the hill, surrounded by imposing walls; Giroma looks to be coming directly of the sets of the movie depicting a medieval heroic. Monuments marked by arched doors, embellished with balconies of wrought iron, falling to the most splendid river frontages of Catalonia. Meandering in the cobbled streets, you will see many enrobed monks. These holy figures are the one who take part in the Girona’s historical plays, their own way of making people relive the city’s glorious past.

Costa Brava’s beaches


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Just north of Barcelona, beyond the concrete pavement which marks the city’s outskirts, nature takes control. The Costa Brava’s rocky foreland, takes the main expressway inland, and a quiet and narrow road, passes through the coast’s steep and rugged face. It takes you towards the tranquil village of, Tossa de Mar where a sickle shaped stretch of sand is backed up by a pine-clad headland, which in-turn is guarded by 14th century fortified walls and towers.


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Tossa’s most precious gem is Platja gran, which is perfect blend of golden radiant sands and fine pebbles which shimmer in the sun. But in high season, you will have to make some compromises if you prefer solitude and isolation.

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