The Laid Back Side of the Malta


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Malta’s notoriety as the fatal attraction to Beach bums just hints about some of its attributes. While soothing climate and elegant stretches of sand makes jaunting around the shores a definitive choice, there are so many more gems to be treasured.


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Moving further the resorts , the ecstasies of a tranquil place will unfold, if you are seeking a refuge from the otherwise bustling crowds and clamor of the city, this is the perfect place for you.

Unwind in the old towns

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For once, it can be good to stay away from the favorite beaches in peak season; there are selective stretches of sand as most of the coast is cliffy, and thus they get heavily swarmed. Instead escape the blazing sun by moving inwards and descending to ancient subterranean sites for instance the grandeur as St Agatha’s Crypt & Catacombs and awe-inspiring Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, which are about 5000 years old.


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The other rustic towns of Malta like the serene Mdina , Valetta which is UNESCO accredited and the sights such as panoramic Grand harbor and holy St John’s Co-Cathedral ought not to be missed.


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And will be a huge oversight to miss out on Gozo, which has got its own culinary delights and even gentler vibe. It is also endowed with some fascinating sight from the limestones arch doors, bizarre rock formations and the impressive Il-Kastell fort perched on the top of the hill and looking down to the city of Victoria.

Staying local


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It’s very easy to breakout from the luxuries of the resorts, unless you are willing to give an English color to your holiday. You know what we mean, English pub and English food.



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A far better choice is staying in a small laid-back town. Top choices include Mellieha, for sumptuous cuisines, enchanting beaches and stupendous vibe, when coastal areas would be renting a ranch house on Gozo. The best thing about Malta is that wherever you choose to go, you won’t end up too far from your next destination.

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