The Romancing Affairs of the Rome for the First Timers


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Planning your first Romance with the Rome? You will cherish many ecstasies and treasure many priceless jewels if the luck is on your side. It is always a good idea to plan in advance, but when in Rome, meandering around and sharing smiles is a joy in itself, the serendipitous boulevards greet you at every corner. Don’t stress over seeing everything in Rome, as they say that even a lifetime isn’t enough.  

If you are willing to stretch your legs, than there is no better alternative for exploring Rome than on foot. Top sights are concentrated in selective regions, so you can devote separate days to different areas such as the Vatican and Rome etc.

Highlights of Ancient Rome


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Start your journey of soul by becoming captive of Imperial heart of Rome. Get awe-struck by the Colosseum, where the fiercest gladiators once fought with lions, just next to it are the melancholies of Roman Forum, the ceremonial capital of the Empire. Nearby are the mesmerizing Capitoline Museums stacked with neo-classical and renaissance art, and the Palatine which was the richest neighborhood of ancient Rome, the most affluent Romans used to live here and their balconies opened to sight of Circo Massimo, Chariot-racing arena.

A tour of the Centro Storico




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Just few strides away are the historical centre. All the major attractions are amassed here. They can be seen for free and you can grab a pizza, savor an ice cream and sip a coffee on your way around. Pantheon, an imposing ancient Roman temple is an intriguing sight, with domes that have windows which open up to the skies. Two streets away are the beautiful Piazza Navona, the ostentatious, showy square of the Rome. Next to it is the baroque Spanish Steps, a grand stairway that’s perfect for lying back and watching the world pass by. The neighboring Piazza del Popolo is an square marked with obelus, which brags about the Santa Maria del Popolo church.

Local colour in Trastevere


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Bar im Stadtteil Trastevere, Rom, Latium, Italien

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The vibrant and luminescent neighborhood, which is packed to the brim with pastel colored, ivy-adorned houses and medieval churches embellished with mosaics. Trastevere gains momentum in the evening, come here for restaurants on cobbled streets and chic bars whose friendliness gets spreads out in the air.

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