Unveiling the Gusto of Iceland for the first timers


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Iceland’s flourishing scene of tourism is pulling in thousands of intrepid explorers to its famous routes like Golden Circle. Although it is just an hour north of Reykjavík, but it’s surprisingly untainted and pristine.


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It unlocks a rich treasury of ice waves, magma channels and vast open sea, with its small picturesque town offering intriguing insights into the Icelandic life, which are also a strategic base to explore the nearby wilderness.

Snaefellsjokull National Park


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Picture courtesy: guidetoiceland.is


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  1. The enamoring, 100km-long Snaefellsnes Peninsula extends out from the edge of the West Iceland. Its western art has been designated a national park status, where you can encounter Snaefellsjokull ice tip, which was the inspiration for Journey to the center of the Earth. You will also rich indigenous flora in rugged lava sheets, spot whales offshore, see cascades gushing down the ledges of the mountains and hike the trails which interconnects the seafront settlements.

Soaking up the scene in Stykkisholmur


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This village was the shot location for ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ (2013). This uber cool place retains some of its pioneer architectures and brags about numerous delightful restaurants, a laid-back vibe, and rich museums such as Norska Husio, housed in a merchant’s house which dates back to 1832, a Volcano Mueseum. It is the best spot to base yourself for expeditions to the west and ultimate spot for boat excursions as well.

Horseback riding


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Picture courtesy: extremeiceland.is


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The southern drift of Snaeffellsnes Peninsula is a canvass of pastel beaches and light green fields, with imposing headlands at the backdrop marching down to the promontory. Those fields are home to several ranch houses and stables like Lysuholl, which also offer cozy accommodation and steed rides of the nearby terrains.

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