World’s Best Places to See the Sun Dip into the Horizons


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Tahiti & French Polynesia


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Bungalows Resort On Moorea On A Wondrous Sunset HD Desktop Background

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It is quite impossible to mention the ethereal landscape of Tahiti and French Polynesia without talking about their clichéd attributes; green slopes of high island, to diamond white sands, palm swayed circular reefs, and the bluest of the tidal ponds, this is the slice of heaven poured down from the skies. The French Polynesian islands are stretched to 2000km in Pacific Ocean.

If you are a spoiled yacht man, hoping that fantasies come to life, start your journey on the island of Ra’iatea. Try to avoid the tropical weather variations from Nov-Mar.

Greek Islands


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There’s no place which can match the mystical charm of the Greek islands. May be it’s the glorious past, or the enormous figure of 1400 islands blemishing the Aegean and Ionian waters, or is it 300 days of golden sunshine. Sailing across the islands is the best way to cherish the ecstasies of this euphoric region; you can revel in the occasional swimming spots around the shores and spot the odd octopus as well. Choose the archipelago as per your preferences. For instance choose Cyclades for nature retreats and choose Ionians for a dive into the culture.

The winds can change drastically. The northeasterly wind of meltemi could prove disastrous if ignored.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia


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The favorite beachy escape off the Queensland coast, the Whitsundays have kept the postcard vendors in business for years with their clear skies, azure blue waters and rich choices of island to match every traveler taste. This partially submerged mountain range belongs to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, so you will witness enamoring coral atolls, giant sea turtles, and a group off vibrantly colored fishes. Scuba diving and snorkeling directly from your cruise is phenomenal, and sailing industry flourishes here with multitude of boat tours.

The gateway to the Whitsundays is the town of Airlie Beach, where all the services cluster along the main drag.


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The best entrance to Whitsundays is the enigmatic town of Airlie Beach. Where all services are concentrated along the main street.

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