3 Best Treks of the World

All of these hikes require a solid pair of lungs, well carved legs and a lot of stamina. However you choose to hike any of these legendary trails, you will get strong imprints on your soul, and the experience will give you something to puff up your chest in front of peers and family back home.

GR20, France


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This challenging 15 day long trek (168 km) passing through Corsica is deeply revered for its variety of landscapes. There are lush forest, mournful granite moonscapes, wind battered craters, gushing streams, snow-clad peaks, plains, and stretches of ice. But they don’t come easy, the path is mostly rugged, and has ramshackle bridges, slippery rock veneers- all part of the thrill.

Inca Trail, Peru


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AK185K American family in the rain on Inca Trail several kilometers from Machu Picchu

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This 33km trail was first marked by the affluent Incas community and today it is hiked by thousands every year. The trail connects the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu snaking its way up and down, around the mountains. Majestic vistas of the mist shrouded peaks and alleviated cloud forest, are enjoyed by hiking from one ruin (embracing the cliffs) to the other- the mystical charm of this abandoned trail for centuries makes it probably the best in world.

Pays Dogon, Mali


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The Dogon people’s land is one of the most intriguing in whole of the Africa. A trek here can be tailored between 2 to 10 days, and in transit you see daunting cliffs of the Bandiagara slope inlaid with ancient abandoned cliff houses. Dogon villages blemish the cliffs and are central highlights of the trek. The Dogon community is known for their stilt dancer with covered faces, astutely carved doors and pueblo like dwellings carved out of the Bandiagara.

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