Letting O’ahu (Hawaii) Get under Your Skin


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Whenever O’ahu is mentioned, we start envisioning ourselves lying on sun loungers and savoring a cocktail along with taking in the beautiful views of the waters. Certainly O’ahu is one of the best beachy fascinations, but there’s plenty to experience if you move deeper inside the island past the shores. Escape the touristy routes and the serendipities start to strike, be it foodie delights, cultural extravagance or simply a chic hotspot. Here are some wonderful places to visit in O’ahu which haven’t yet caught the tourism eyes and fortunately so.

First Friday Art Walk:

Mike Carroll gallery

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The First Friday Art Walk has remained loyal to its mission of transforming Chinatown into the most stylish, futuristic district. Art Galleries and theatres like Loading Zone and Louis Pohl unveil their curtains from 5pm to 9pm in the evening, while many of the nearby bars and eateries remain open and offer rich choices of lagers and cuisines. The best place to dive into the Hawaiian culture.

Corner Kitchen:


Picture courtesy: comeonhawaii.com


Picture courtesy: comeonhawaii.com


Picture courtesy: comeonhawaii.com


Picture courtesy: comeonhawaii.com

Don’t be deceived by the sporty ambiance of this Japanese-influenced bar cum restaurant. Corner kitchen serves some of the most savory and delicious food on the island. Chef Mitchell puts lot of creativity in preparing culinary treats, for instance soft crab salad is not the common dish on the menu, and possibly it isn’t made anywhere else. But he is the master of the fusion, count on him and things will be Ok. To add to the thrill of the fine dining, Corner Kitchen organizes live performances during the evenings.

Banzai Sushi:


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This elegantly nestled, tatami floored sushi-spot is owned by a Brazilian family. After encountering the swells, surfers chill out here and share stories. The snacks served here are lip-smacking and on weekends, you will have to queue up for them. Wednesday happy hours lures in the locals and on Saturdays, you will see live music bands, singing their popular songs. You can choose to sit in the comfy indoors or outdoors in the exotic setting, but keep in mind to try the ceviche.

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