3 Sensuous Honeymoon Retreats in the Lap of the Nature

Soothingly warm pristine waters, breeze riffling the palms and enigmatic stretches of powdery white sands- some destinations have all what you can long for. Here’s our pick of the sensuous spots of the world which makes up for the ideal honeymoon trip.

Cape Tribulation, Australia

Cape Tribulation

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The UNESCO accredited region of rich bio-diversity deserves to be on your bucket list for numerous reasons. Pristine beaches and verdant rainforest that stretch nest to the waters, encircling corals, exotic flora and fauna, natural pools, untainted boondocks and a background of imposing, rugged mountains are some of the main highlights. Then there’s awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef, just half an hour away from the shores. This should be sufficient to leave you stunned.

Gili Islands, Indonesia


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The array of three adored islands, floating northwest of Lombok, has all the ingredients of a perfect island escape: fringing reefs, secluded beaches, Gin-clear waters, blissful fishing and flourishing scene of snorkeling, and amicable locals. The legend has it that the magical ring captivates the heart of the tourist and it becomes impossible for them to return home. On your first visit, you will feel, the legends were true for once. Even if you break out from the spell of the rings, the steaks, local lagers and the absence of hustle and bustle, might accomplish what the legendary rings failed to do.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil


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The barely inhabited archipelago off Brazil’s northern coast is a pilgrimage for diving enthusiasts, with dolphins, drowned ship wrecks, and profound corals all available for submarine excursions. Moreover the island is a home to the largest habitat of the tropical seabirds, a fact that is sure to give an adrenaline rush to the Ornithologist across the globe. There isn’t enough development here, which is actually a boon and not a shortcoming. You can have the luxury of exploring the islands as they were 500 years before with just few Portuguese remains hinting us of the past life here.

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