5 Best Wake up Calls of the World

Even if you are not an early riser, opening your eyes in a sublime setting is guaranteed to ignite your senses. And when you are surrounded by green enclosures, mountainous horizons, euphoric fountains, and dazzling view of soaring minarets, you will never put your alarm to snooze. Here’s our pick of the world’s best morning places.

Maui, USA


Picture courtesy: miriadna.com


Picture courtesy: fineartamerica.com


Picture courtesy:jysk-rejsebureau.dk


Picture courtesy: equinox.com

Considering the gushing waves, reveling whales, rushing waterfalls, and jungles just outside you window aren’t enough to get you out of the bed, Maui also offers some of the most wonderful Hawaiian vistas. Reach to the volcanic crater of Haleakala National Park to watch sun, pop out of the horizon.

Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Picture courtesy: lifewaitsfornoone.com


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Picture courtesy: hurriyetdailynews.com


Picture courtesy: wordpress.com

Nothing beats going to the rooftop to listen to Adhaan (call to prayers in Islam) and slowly the pleasant. The melancholies spread out in the air and the lights starts to take over the darkness in the sky, behind the skyline filled with Tombs and Minarets. Remember that Turkey is a melting pot of cultures, so the breakfast of your choice is available to fuel you up for a busy day in the capital.

Queensland, Australia


Picture courtesy: greatlakes.org.au


Picture courtesy: templetons.com


Picture courtesy: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

The northern corner of Australia is bestowed with 300 days of sunshine. So the sky is serendipitously blue when you get off the covers. The blue theme continues if you choose to hike the rainforest, the blue butterflies swarm you and not to forget the rich snorkeling experience in sheer blue seas.

Hong Kong, China


Picture courtesy: lamudi.com.bd


Picture courtesy: hk-magazine.com


Picture courtesy: panduanwisata.id


Picture courtesy: wordpress.com

A wake up call in Hong Kong can be tailored to your desires. If you like it fast, get out of bed and join the bustling street and hunt some spicy sea food for your breakfast. Like it classic? Start steady with morning tai chi and head to the top of Victoria Peak to grasp some staggering views of the city.

Bali, Indonesia


Picture courtesy: thisislandlife.com


Picture courtesy: escapereality.info


Picture courtesy: images.trvl-media.com


Picture courtesy: spafinder.com

It’s an occupied small paradise, but still it’s easier to find your serene corner to watch the rising sun and color up the rice fields with bluish-purple sands. And there’s nothing more beautiful than spending the morning hanging out with lover amidst the gardens of the islands spas and luxurious spas.

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