Reliving the Legendary Tales in these Perplexing Territories and Searching for Truth

We can’t even travel across the world in less than a day, but there are some deliberately enigmatic places which deny being just another place. The legends have been around for more than centuries and theories have piled up like the skyscrapers of New York. These places appeal more the senses than to the mind, yet they are a fulfillment to the wanderlust. So don’t forget to bring your compass, and don’t have any preconceived notions, so that you can delve into the matter (rumors) and find out if the tattles were true.

Valley Of The Kings, Egypt


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On the western bank of the Nile, parallel across the city of Luxor, sleep the Egyptian Pharaohs. The most famous of them being the Ramses, Tuthmosis and the strangest pharaoh of them all – King tut. Their realm existed around 1500 to 1000 BC. Imposing pyramids concealing the tombs are dabbed on the valley’s rugged hills. More than 60 chambers have been excavated so far, incorporating mummies in sarchophogi, jeweler stacked statues and with a famous curse ‘If you disturb sleep of Pharaoh, then Pharaoh will disturb your sleep’. Visitors are not deterred or haunted by these warnings, and the valley continues to be the central attraction which the mainland has to offer.

Ys, France


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Club; Nautique; Trégastel

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Princess Dahut asked her father, King Gradlon to present her a city on the shores. Ys were forged, and to give it resilience from the wild waves, a large dyke was built around it. The only entrance was through the brass gate, and only the king had the keys. Meanwhile Dahut was arrested in her lust for intimacy; she swept partners every night and killed them afterwards. As per the legends a Demon held her captive, and then pushed her to steal the key from King Gradlon and open the gates. And the city drowned tragically. Today, it lies beneath the bay at Douarnenez.

Shambhala, Tibet


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The Kingdom of Shambhala is hidden deep amidst the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas. An enchanting and a ‘Pure Land’ in Buddhist faith. It can be reached by people who have followed the righteous path. Expeditionary in the past were set out to Shambhala in Tibet, which the James Hilton put in his novel the Lost Horizon. Legends say that people who go on to find it, and in case they don’t return means they have sought refuge in the heavenly kingdom.

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