Top 3 Adventures to Have in St. Lucia


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From the sky, the drop-shaped island of St Lucia looks as if the Caribbean Sea is spotted with precious gems. The mountains are verdant green, the shorelines are pearl-white and the crystalline waters shine vigorously under the sun.

Despite of enamor, St Lucia’s remoteness makes it lesser voyaged destination not at all like other Caribbean islands. Which makes it a peaceful spot, who would it say it isn’t? From climbing the soaring volcanic Pitons to unwinding on the fine sands of Anse Chastanet shorelines.

Ascent the Pitons


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Like sharks’ teeth bulging out from the sea, the twin Pitons are volcanic mountains made by magma cooling over the volcano. In spite of the fact that Gros Piton (2617ft) is taller than Petit Piton (2460ft), it’s truly less difficult to climb. St Lucia Tours offers a six-hour guided trek of the mountain, a trek just for lion hearted which incorporates tight bends and steps cut from volcanic stone. In the wake of getting a charge out of the all encompassing views from the top, scramble down to taste a cold Piton brew. The island’s local drink is named after these huge rocks.

Jaunt to the Pigeon Island


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Around early 1500’s, the island’s first French settler, Jambe de Bois (Wooden Leg), used Pigeon Island as a pirate base. Today a simulated roadway joins the island to the remaining St Lucia. Trek to the island, now a national park, to visit the vine-smothered stays of an old French manor and parlor on the sugar-white shoreline. The highest point of the manor gives charming vistas of the encompassing coastline.

Visit the world’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano


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Basically called as Sulfur Springs, Soufriere Volcano is accessed by road. So drive straight up to the edge of the filled-in pit, which burbles with steam and percolating mud. Try not to push over getting lost – you can notice the ruined egg aroma from a mile away. The highlight for most travelers is a dive in the mud bath –locals do it for enhancing their fairness.

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