Getting a Sensory Overload in the Patagonia


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Coastal ecstasies, verdant forests, shimmering glaciers and exotic wildlife, Patagonia lights every one of your senses, yet confused about which jewel to treasure first? Here’s our pick of 5 must have indulgences in the dream land.



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 The seaward of Patagonia is likely one of the most loved waters of the world to spot a whale, and Puerto Madryn is ground zero for whale-watching trips. Its gentle waters which are surrounded by Golfo Nuevo, Golfo San Jose and the beach front strip close Caleta Valdes are a flawless setting for whales to flourish. Whales assemble in these waters from June to December for mating and it’s the best time for excursion.

Boosting up your Adrenaline


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David Lama rapells off Cerro Torre just below the Ice Towers in El Chalten, Argentina on January 21st, 2012 // Lincoln Else/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20120221-00338 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

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Rock climbing in El Chaltén, Argentina

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The mountains encasing the El Chalten are a perfect heaven for thrill seekers where top choices of rock climbing, trekking and steed riding exist. Envision trekking through the mountains, conquering imposing tops and spoiling your ride (horse). You can go steed riding to the excellent villa of Rio de Las Vueltas or take an all the more demanding ride up to the Vizcacha slopes and loosen up yourself by lazing off in a farm house and giggle out well with warm local people.

Rising above the Rat- Race


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Camarones has not been labeled as the most laid-back beach front town of Patagonia in vain; it has an alternate vibe as well as gives a stroke of luck like no other. The secluded shorelines are ideal for long walks and the townsfolk’s glow will make you feel like home. The natural reserve of Cabo Dos Bahías is the neighbor which gloats around 25,000 sets of penguin and their quaky chicks.

Going Back to Dinosaur Era


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The Paleontology Museum displays the most important fossil discoveries in Patagonia; it showcases the colossal skeletons of dinosaurs alongside 1700 fossil remains of widely varied vegetation. The guided visit in the passageways of this noteworthy exhibition hall will leave you bewildered; additionally you will turn out to be more familiar about the course of events of our planet.

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