Countryside Lodges of Ecuador: Confluence of Cultural and Natural Ecstasies

Ecuador: a scenic view

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The richest and the biggest canvass of colorful and varied flora and fauna, The Amazon spreads out its green might over the nine countries of South America. Ecuador’s borders are slightly hinted by the Amazon but surprisingly rainforest here are quite characteristic and diverse with black water lagoons, dark chocolaty rivers, partially drowned forests and of course the verdant green bushes.


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 Eco-resorts which are usually nestled amidst the wilderness are a good spot to base oneself, not only they help in exploring the nearby territories or national parks, but they also give you the pleasure of living in natural extravagance. Eco-resorts relieve you of all anxieties and toxics. Additionally they also tailor the trip as per the likings of birders, and wildlife enthusiasts.

Sani Lodge


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 This peaceful and rustic lodge is light years away from the hurly-burly of the city life. Concealed away on a Black water Lake, at the verge of the tributary of Rio Napo. The community-operated lodge is the safe haven for Ornithologists. It runs purely on solar energy because the sound of generators scares away the wild creatures. Your chances of spotting Caimans floating in the lagoons by the night are all time high.

Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve


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 The only feasible option to reach this isolated lodge is by a small aircraft, the other option is by a 10 day long trek from the nearest village, which is of course beyond the potential of Semi-professional hikers. The thatched huts of the Kapawi lodge occupy an unblemished slice of jungle near the Peruvian frontier. Run by local Achuar people the secluded resort focuses on ethnicity and healthy environmental practices. Go fishing searching for a catch to be savored in supper or get acquainted with Achuar community or swoosh through the dense rainforest with the environmentalist guide.

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