Discovering the Hidden Horizons in the Scintillating South America

South America gloats about ethereal landscapes, archaeological wonders from the ancient world and a wide array of flora and fauna. The legends of the Inca trails though the misty and craggy mountains, the adrenaline pumping boat ride in the Amazon and the mystical contrast of azure blue lakes and sheer white peaks in Andes, have made the continent rise up in the must-visit list of travelers from across the globe. South America is a temptation for history buffs as well with many ancient, indigenous tribe cultures flourishing in its wilderness. Want to mix adventures with soaking up the culture, look no beyond than the South America.  

The Andes

This was a hard spot to reach! It was quite a hike to get up here early in the morning, just as the sky was still in a dawn of deep blue.  The two lakes on either side are those pure glacial blue lakes that you sometimes see from airplanes and wonder, "What's it like to be down there?"  I'll tell ya - AWESOME!  I went down there and drank from the lakes like a guanaco on holiday.  It was incredible. Now, a few days ago I started to "Connect the Community".  There are so many clever and interesting people in the community, and I thought you should meet on another!  Anyway, it's really taken off and people from the community are taking it in nice new directions - thanks!  It seems a great many of you are on Twitter, and many of us have created a "Stuck In Customs" group in Tweetdeck or Lists in Twitter.  This enables me to sit there and watch/engage in a real-time stream of community activity.  It's cool!  I updated that post with a 4-step guide on the creation of this real-time community.  It's very loosey-goosey... as any fun community is!  Come in, engage, stay a while... drift off... create... come back and share... drift off... comon back... it's good and natural! From the blog at

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 The legendary mountain range barely needs any introduction; they are being much enchanted in the geography books of primary grades. Just for a quick revision though – They stretch for about 8000km from Venezuela to Patagonia. Top choices of trekking proliferate in the gateway town of Huaraz in Peru and Bariloche in Argentina. For those who want to soak up the culture of the indigenous tribes along with alluring sceneries, there are countless options in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Machu Picchu


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Machu Picchu (Peru)

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 Much before the Spanish arrival, the Andes were home to mainland’s most progressive civilizations which reached its zenith under the throne of Incas. The soaring high citadel of Machu Picchu whose actual intent is still a mystery was first discovered by American explorer Hiram Bingham III who later became the US Senator. A visit to the ancient city with its ethereal setting amidst clouded forests and rocky peaks will wide your mental horizons. If you choose to arrive by foot, the excitement is doubled along the 4-day trail which offers ethereal panoramas of the nearby landscapes.

The Amazon


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 The biggest rainforests of the world is the extravagant smorgasbord of various species of plants and animals. You can watch the emerald green landscaped slide by while voyaging on an old riverboat or take a dive into opulent wilderness trekking. Swimming with various submarine creatures, floating through flooded woods in a dugout canoe and taking iconic walks with environment connoisseurs are the essential highlights of you time in the rainy wonderland. Manaus in Brazil is the most profound getaway with hundreds of agencies offering tours which are tailored to your desires, while a belt of jungle lodges act as a strategic base for exploration.

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