Get Adrenaline Overload amidst the Intricate Nature of Malaysia

Scuba Diving in the Semporna Archipelago, Sabah


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 A solid temptation for diving enthusiasts, a submerged excursion around Sipadan – an oval shaped island on the top of the oceanic summit is an absolute stunner. The whales, reef sharks and manta rays and the sea turtles are your frequent partners in the waters.

Surfing in the Cherating and Tioman Island

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The Malaysian surf on the eastern coast of its Peninsula could match the swells of Indonesia on any given day. Surf breaks around Cheratin and the offshore of Tioman maintains a constant height of around 5 to 6 ft, thus making it safe enough for the amateurs and gullible enough for more audacious surfers.

Hitch Hiking to the longhouses of the Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak


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 The opportunity to meet the tribes of Borneo and stay in their ethnic longhouses is the principal reason to trek into the misty interiors. Headhunters would have been long gone, but socializing with the tribes here gives a useful insight into the fast evading indigenous cultures of Malaysia.

Snorkeling in the reefs of the Perhentian Islands


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 These hyped tropical islands off the eastern coast of the peninsula, lures in the snorkelers from across the globe. Thanks to their wide stretches of sand and profound corals. The submarine life is more of a sumptuous buffet of vibrant aquatic creatures.

Conquering the Mt Kinabalu, Sabah


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This daunting, colossal, steep precipitous of granite, towering at about 4095m overlooks the Northern Borneo. The primary requirement of the two-day climb is that you need to be pushing your limits and got to have an unquenchable thirst to reach to the summit. The magical vistas across the Philippines on a sunny day, makes you overhear the fatigue of the craving thighs.

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