Pamper your Senses by Natural Glistening of Philippine beaches

El Nido, woman walking up coconut palm

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Even the heavens are no match for the coastal treasures of the Philippines. Its coasts are a safe refuge from the bustling crowds of the other Southeastern beaches of Asia. There are more than 7000 islands in Philippines, most of which have two ethereal beaches. Thusly, there’s no breaking the watery dreams here in the endless stretches of exotic sands.

Here are 3 pristine coastal jewels which perfectly defines the word ‘Mesmerizing.’



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This crescent shaped stunner is well connected via international flights from Asian hotspots hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore to its core; Cebu City. Right across the airport on the Mactan Island, there’s a strip of up-market, family resorts, for instance the famous Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa. If you fancy an enigmatic stretch of sand all for yourself, hop in a ferry from the northern tip of Island to Malapascua Island. The Malapascua gloats about the sheer white Bounty Beach and its romancing affair with turquoise waters.

El Nido


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The bizarre limestone formations of Bacuit Bay Archipelago have been dropping jaws for centuries now. But only the climbers with mad skills are hold captive of its charm, while the most visitors resort to archipelago’s dreamy beaches. You can have a beach all to yourself with just a short boat ride away from this splendid North Palawan’s beach town.

Southern Negros


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It's the not safest thing to do on Apo Island, but climbing the famous 'Boluare Rocks' formation gives you a pretty epic view of the Apo coastline.

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If you want to cherish the watery ecstasies in a short trip, just fly into capital of the Negros Oriental. The magnificent Apo Island is just a short boat ride away from here. It is the safe haven for divers and boasts about the rustic and authentic, back-packer friendly accommodation on a pristine stretch of sand. The nearby paradise Tambobo Bay is punctuated by several beautiful and hidden coves.

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