Cherishing the Charismatic Beaches of Cuba

Cherishing the Charismatic Beaches of Cuba

Cuba might be difficult to understand, but one thing is crystal clear: it has the most wonderful beaches

Playa Sirena


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 The most popular beach of Cuba has 2-km long stretch of white sand which is large enough to encompass two football fields in it. The beach offers various nautical activities such as Kayaks and Catamarans The beach is backed up by a ranchon- a style bar and restaurant with showers and toilets..

Simply southeast is Playa Paraiso , a narrower and less shady yet an exciting stretch of sand, complemented by a little bar.

Playa Jibacoa Area


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 At present it’s the most part Cuban getaway with a waterfront limb street from the primary Vía Blanca expressway slowing down by a complete resort, a lodging campismo and a few other picturesque resting options tossed in for good measure. Punctuated by a progression of little yet unbelievable shorelines and favored with great seaward snorkeling, Jibacoa is supported by a grandiose limestone patio neglecting the sea. The porch offers great panoramass and some short DIY treks.

Playa Caletones


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Gibara Beach

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 You’ll require a vehicle to become acquainted with this stunning little shoreline, 17km west of Gibara. The punctuation formed stretch of white sand and purplish Blue Ocean here is a most loved by Holguín vacationers. The town is dilapidated, with no commercialization aside from rural Restaurante La Esparanza on the beachfront street, serving up some of Cuba’s most heavenly crisped fish on an upstairs porch overlooking the water.

Playa Giron


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The sandy curve of Playa Giron settles calmly on the eastern side of the notorious Bahia de Cochinos, 48km south of Boca de Guama. Infamous as the spot where the Cold War practically got hot, the shoreline is really named for a French pirate, Gilbert Giron, who met his end here by execution in the mid 1600s because of disenthralled local people. In April 1961 it was the scene of an alternate messed up strike, the disastrous, CIA-supported intrusion that attempted to arrive on these remote sandy shorelines is one of the recent history’s most interesting tales. there are still a lot of rumors revolving around repeating past glories, however nowadays Giron, with its crystalline Caribbean waters and sharp seaward drop-off, is a most loved destination for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Rancho Luna


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 Rancho Luna is a humble, pleasant shoreline resort 18km south of Cienfuegos near to the jaws of Bahia de Cienfuegos. It has two midrange inns. Secured by a coral reef, the coast has great snorkeling. The shoreline isn’t Varadero-standard sand; of course it isn’t Varadero-standard clamor or continual development, either.

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