Get Your Boots on for Best Hiking in Sardinia

Get Your Boots on for Best Hiking in Sardinia

As professed by the locals, hiking is the best approach to grasp the Sardinia’s exceptionally beautiful coastlines. And trekking the island’s west that is covered in wilderness seems like an ultimate option. Here you will see the Mediterranean waters dash against the rocks in Gennargentu or in the Golfo di Orosei National park.

Here is our pick of the 3 best hikes in Sardinia!

Gola Su Gorropu


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 Often referred to as “Europe’s Grand Canyon”, the Gola Su Gorropu is a confined and sensational ravine, best reached by walking from the Genna ‘e Silana pass on course SS125.

The 10.5 km trail strings past starkly weathered limestone inclines, rock apexes and bluffs blemished with caverns. Contorted holm oaks provides cool resort on hot days, however the scene is crude and uncompromising. As you plummet, the view airs out to uncover the passageway to the crevasse.

The gorge has 400m-high dividers of limestone, which shut out the sun and hushes the world outside. Take after the cairns for some simple bouncing over the stones that encompass the crevasse.

Cala Goloritze


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 Possible even with children in tow, this tender, two hour, 7.5 km round-outing trek takes you to the flawless inlets of Cala Goloritze, settled in the southern end of the Golfo di Orosei. The trailhead is the exotic Golgo plateau, where wild goats, pigs and jackasses roam.

As you approach the inlet, you will get captivating views of the sparkling ocean and of limestone bluffs set with caverns. Steps lead down to Cala Goloritze, an immaculate half-moon cove with ice white stones whipped by an ocean that experiences all possible shades and hues of blue, from sea green to cobalt. Strange limestone developments take off far from the precipices, including Monte Caroddi or Aguglia, a 148m-high finger of rock that is a reference point for the climbers.



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 This half-day, 10.5 km climb takes you through a noiseless karst wild to the cryptic Bronze Age settlement of Tiscali, reached out only by foot. Starting at the Sa Barva Bridge, the views are tremendous, with dividers of limestone ascending like an iron drape over the Flumineddu River. The rock dabbed trail makes a relentless climb before going through shady holm-oak and turpentine woods, spotted with pink cyclamens in spring. Reptiles and the eagles are probably going to give you company.

A short last climb brings you to the grandness of the archeological site of Tiscali, where skeletal remains group in the gloom of a limestone cavern. Overview the verdant Lainattu Valley underneath and admire the strange feeling of tranquility.

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