Getting in the Groove of St. Martin


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In the event that you are organizing a jaunt to the Caribbean, however are getting discouraged by the new reputation of the area as the holidaying spot of the rich and spoilt. Also, you are not willing to sell off your granny for a private yacht and nor you are willing toburn up cash by booking a journey. Here’s uplifting news for you, The exotic island of St. Martin bears witness to one truth of life, ‘The Best Things in Life Comes for Free.


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It is not the gem of the Caribbean yet to be cherished (in spite of being remote) because it has various flawless and unblemished shorelines, and the flights to it are all the much affordable (only $400 from New York) yet its encompassing wild and natural splendor plot to make it an impeccable DIY island-hopping trip to neighboring islands like Anguilla and St-Barts. The island is separated into the French and Dutch side. The previous being the conventional European one and the last one connoting the jammin’ side.

Classic island experiences


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Luckily, The group of day trippers, touching base by the voyage, adhere to the restaurants of the Philipsburg and Marigot – in this way leaving the greater part of the island’s euphorias to be esteemed singularly for the overnight visitor.


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The main gem in the island’s treasury is Friar’s Bay, settled north of Marigot on the French side, is the most loved swimming spot of local people influenced by beach bars and renowned for holding full moon parties. For more serenity head to the adjacent Happy Bay, a stunning stretch of delicate sand came by a trek which wanders aimlessly over a rough headland.

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The perplexing beach experience- and a perfect ending to your dream, but you will have to arrive hours in advance for your departure flight-it is set just underneath the runway at Maho on the Dutch side. Shoreline Bums lay on the sun loungers and taste luxurious cocktails with the straw, and rushed to the sands for the photographs of the planes simply zooming by them which looks photoshopped.


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Remember to taste the sumptuous cusisines at Grand Case on the French side of the island, the self-declared ‘Food capital of the Caribbean’. Its water front streets are associated with eateries, which gives a Parisian vibe with the topping of the ocean breeze. Further, there are grill stands covering the ocean side picnic spot.

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