Most Enthralling Workout Grounds of the World Dunked in Scenic Splendor

For all you gym fanatics out there, who miss their work outs on vacation and wish to burn up their calories when idle. We have grabbed for you 3 of the World’s most magnificent workout spots so that you can fire up your legs and buttocks and in the process, detox and revive up your mind, body and soul.

Grouse Grind, North Vancouver, Canada


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Most of the sightseers in Vancouver, resort to the Stanley Park and do their cardio works out. For sure it’s a good option yet not a best one. There’s one spot which could stand the 8.8km long trail and give you Goosebumps with its sensational rocky background and it is the Grouse Grind. It rises 853m up the green shrouded facade of the Grouse Mountain in the trail of only 3Km long, no big surprise it is frequently called as ‘The nature’s Stairmaster’.

Fourviere, Lyon, France


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 Lyon is often called as the Food capital of the world, for all the right reasons. Any visit to Lyon is incomplete without an inquisitive and maybe delightful eating of the forte rich dishes. So what can be a superior approach to have a fabulous gastronomic ordeal and burn your additional calories by climbing the steps from Gare St Paul to Basilica Notre Dame de Fourviere. The basilica is a soothing retreat with great vistas of Rhone and Saone flowing past the enchanting city.

Filbert Steps, San Francisco, USA


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Everybody has his/her own explanation to the San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill. Some relate it to the Coit tower, for some it’s a fine spot to get the scenes of the Bay. For individuals who are enthusiastic about activities and can’t envision a day without their gears on, it is the home to the Filbert Steps. For a workout which will stay in your brain longer than you might expect. Keep running all over 377 wooden steps, which wind steeply past the green parks and flamboyantly painted homes.

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