Cherishing the Ecstatic Neighborhoods of Athens


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From the amazing Acropolis looming over the city to clamoring glorious squares, hypnotizing art exhibitions and chic bars, lively Athens is synonymous to soaking up extravagance, a city where euphoria is spread out in the air. Vacationers are attracted by the ancient landmarks; however it’s Athens’s puzzling flair which appeals to the senses.

After being touched by the Imposing architectural marvels, it’s an ideal opportunity to cherish some local ecstasies. Here’s our pick of the downtown territories of the Athens and their peaceful bistros in the midst of the hustle and bustle, delightful eateries, shopping paths and vibrant hangout places.

Monastiraki and Psyrri


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19 Sep 2011, Athens, Attica, Greece --- People at Six Dogs a trendy outdoor bar in the Monastiraki area. six d.o.g.s is a day & night cultural entertainment center at the heart of Athens (Monastiraki), which organically combines each one of its elements: a Project Space (non-profit space for presenting visual art projects and other likewise one-off events), a Bar, a Café, a Gig Space for hosting live gigs, theatrical performances, bazaars, workshops, talks, screenings, and educational programs, and a vivid 600m2 Back-Garden. six d.o.g.s is not introduced as a new space, but rather, as a new model for a space. It is suggested as a space which aims at creating a high-profile dynamic nucleus of cross-genre activities right in the heart of the Historic Center, initialized by an equally dynamic experienced group of young art professionals, aiming at being both avant-garde and pop, sharing similar qualities. --- Image by © Mike Kemp/In Pictures/Corbis

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The hush and rush of Monastiraki’s center square open to its overflowing and clamoring market, a buffet of obsolescent shops and blissful for people watching. What’s more, towards the south Ancient Agora this was the official congress spot of the city, holds it mysterious appeal. What’s more, just north lays the Psyrri where tumbledown structures swarm the old quarter and exuberant bars and eateries live in flawless congruity with warehouses and ramshackle workshops.

Syntagma and Plaka


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Syntagma is the heart of the present Athens, with the wonderful Plateia Syntagmatos, its famous meeting point and stately capital. The National Gardens are a wonderful shelter from the disorderly roads, or it’s a short walk around Plaka, which has a compelling appeal. Plakas’ narrow, cobbled lanes crosses noteworthy destinations, restores neo-classical estates, spellbinding exhibition halls and byzantine churches.



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Kolanki is much more than just a place; it best prompts the Athenian enchant. Showy Kolanki is the place where royalty embraces the nouveau-riche. Kolonaki reaches out from Syntagma to the slants of Lykavittos Hill. It is home to various captivating cafes, extravagant diners, alleviating exhibitions, and chic condo squares.

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