Cherishing the Treasury of the Palau besides Scuba


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Palau is popular for its submerged fortunes, yet there’s a lot more to its bounties besides diving. This fascinating nation puts many things on the table, which keeps guests indulged, notwithstanding when they are not in the profundities of the sea. Kayaking, 4X4 experiences outdoors are few of its attractions. There’s plenty to amuse the visitors with aesthetic sense: social delights, striking architectural planning, rich exhibition halls and WWII relics spotting the wilderness.

Sea kayaking


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With its quiet and calm oceans and concealed inlets urging to be explored, Palau is a remarkable spot for kayaking. The islands, with their unique, geology maze of channels, transparent white shorelines and tidal ponds encompassing verdant green islets- together make an extreme kayaking region. This experience will stay longer with you than you might suspect, whether it be day’s visit or a week’s trip. Treks can likewise be custom-made and an immaculate mix of undertakings (kayaking and outdoors) can be enjoyed at once.

Flying over the islands


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With the ethereal vistas, Palau’s natural beauty can hypnotize you. Palau Helicopters has a variety of helicopters which alleviate you over the great waters flawed with different isles. The magnificence of Rock Islands and Seventy islands is especially respected at the world tourism stage; in this way there are exceptional 1 hour flight visits over these islands. Keep in mind to bring your Camera; because that is the only way through which you can capture their spellbinding beauty.

Swimming in natural pools


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If you are bold enough to break from the captivities of Koror and Babeldaob and want to treasure other gems of the spot? You can dive in the natural pools, where Ngatpang Waterfall drops. The ecstatic waters ask for a   dip and the turquoise shading is awe-inspiring. The waterfall can be reached by means of a 30 min climb through the wilderness.

Off-road driving


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To explore Palau’s wild inside and to March on the old military tracks, go on 4X4 campaigns the most ideal approach to dig into the wild of Koror and Babeldaob. Fish ‘n Fins has a new range of 4WD’s and ATV’s, and even a combination of , and offers guided undertakings, starting from Koror. You will witness otherwise inaccessible rainforests, falls, surrendered old settlements and other glorious remains.

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