Unwinding the Secrecy of Antarctica


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Certainly untraceable trails, unblemished white environment, haphazard caves, and frozen atmosphere, all entail the true advocacy of Mother Nature toward Antarctica. Elaborated in its square feet area, brazen as far as the eye can see; the ever so timeless land of Antarctica is sure to cuddle your nerves. The swirling breeze, rare found vegetation; incredible wild life will stun your eyes and ears. It is the place where scientists live to delve into the layers of ice to know more about the aristocracy and ruling of Earth. Research work, research trials and observational jobs are an ongoing phenomenon here in the base camps of Antarctica.


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As you initiate embarking on the polar expedition, you will find haywire roads, greyhounds, dry and cold climatic region, painted hues on the horizon, austral sun setting, windiest region that has the elevations fostering types of algae, bacteria, fungi, plants, and protista in isolation. The vegetation is so unique that it encompasses some of the rarest species of mites, nematodes, penguins, and seals on and under its surface.


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Travellers love to stand with the Emperor penguins in Ross Sea, while taking selfies with whales, seals, leopard seals, fur seals, squid, icefish in the region. Being exotic, truly natural with fairly uniform temperatures, travellers and expedition experts come here with their ski gears on. Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station is widely known for its research work here in Antarctica near Ross Sea, where polar bears and leopard seals slithers with their off springs. The Antarctica’s centrepiece is the sprawling wildlife species that roams around fearlessly in their own natural habitat.


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The land is an absolutely magical mix of the extraordinary and the unknown animal and plant life, which inspire travellers to choose their own adventure sport in the region. The picture-perfect panorama brings thousands of travel fanatics in almost all seasons throughout the year. You can venture towards the lesser known and remote parts of the region, where only snow resides making its own reign of white majesty. You can walk through the natural ways and passages that demands utmost attention. If you love to talk about the astral bodies, then this site is second to none where you can touch them and experience the real distance which is not quite far from the frozen mountains.

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