Ancient, Influential & Dominant – The Amazon River


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Extended river drainage, broad estuaries, remotest wetlands, vast plume of fresh water, never ending and turbulent water current, make Amazon as powerful as Atlantic, as graceful star-studded rainbow, as smooth as butter and fast & fervid as stingray. Amazon is irrefutably the best known secret of this world; fearless travellers knock down its trails to know about its dead past, tributaries, source, origin, total length, drainage basin, forest area it covers, bifurcation, soil quality, fauna, and the most unique flora species on earth. The protruding small tributaries, which are difficult to spot previously, are now the best known places for adventure activities. Abundance of flora and fauna has covered the enriching Amazon and wetlands that are commonly found around the region. The gentle small rivers carry plenty of water that allows travellers to boat with their families to have frisky fun in the region.


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Amazon and its tributaries are the home to adventure enthusiasts or anyone seeking a soulful rejuvenation. Even though it does not have the good history, but you will enjoy navigating on the boat drooling from Tocantins, Trombetas, and Ucayali to Xingu River. These rivers are extensive in their length that engenders the most distinctive fish species from Piranha to feral anacondas. Immaculate cliffs, towering mountains and incredible species of electric fishes, will astound you and motivate you to dive deep into the enchanting diving points.


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It is the best place for expedition, group exploration, joint scientific study, and botanical revelation; even the not-so-avid travellers receive preferential treatment here. Scientists come here to improve their knowledge about vastly diverse flora and fauna; both flora and fauna outgrow in this region. It has been shown that some parts of the alongside forests are so dense that sunrays can’t touch the dust of lands. Obviously you won’t go there, but you can approach to the famous river basins for shallow water fishing.


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Marching with the River really needs rock solid attitude and guts because it is as fatal as having a dinner with the lions, but intrepid travellers come here to chronicle the story of their voyage. Enormous Amazon rainforest, low lying river banks, inland and lateral channels, and vast river basins make their voyage more interesting, perpetual and mesmerizing.

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