Distinguished Paradise on Earth – Sri Lanka


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Row of British crows, the shimmering lake views, tea villages, irresistible local food, numerous silver surfers, incredible flocks of kingfishers, and large acre land of tropical forest enchants the glowing beauty of Sri Lanka. It always gives exhilarating feeling to its guests and pumps their veins with oxygenated blood. The tidal waves, line of palm trees, green roofed huts and dancing fish species showcase the hypnotic scenes that are hard to forget. The glowing beauty and lush greenery distributed across the island expanse prompts travellers to venture into the land of elephants and whales. The boiling temperature, long queue of Buddhist monks and ancient spices depict the eternal ethics of this captivating island. Travellers love to stroll around the cities and hang around the ocean fronts to witness the potency of Ocean.


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Native species such as Asian elephants, feral leopards, quite sloth bears, the unique small loris, and a great variety of deer entices travellers to roam aimlessly on the island. Flowering acacias flourish on the arid Jaffna Peninsula asks its guests to experience the habitat of widely distributed valuable species such as satinwood, ironwood, mahogany and teak. Travellers not only visit the deep forest, but also explore the hidden treasures of Bundala, Hurulu Forest Reserve, etc. – the famous and rich biosphere reserves.


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The land of tsunami, mesmerising paddy fields, and resounding lakes encourage its guest to explore the diverse range of ecological traits to perform yoga and morning rituals that make the body and soul a pure piece of purity. The land of Sri Lanka is promising and inspires bicycle tours, bus and boat tours. Even whale watching and hunting are the most popular activities here in the ocean. Diving, snorkelling and kayaking are the hot favourite activities in the coastal regions.


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Colombo, Moratuwa, Negombo, and Trincomalee is the prime exotic centre of attractions of Sri Lanka. The best climatic conditions of these regions make them the finest tourist destination. Travellers can see the historic landmarks, bright nightlife, mountain ranges, savour traditional dishes, and explore remote lakes and visit century old temples & religious structures. All these regions brag modern recreational spaces and shopping precincts for the passionate travellers.

British and Dutch era exemplifies their nature of existence here in this region. Not to forget the signature style of famous hotels that offer high-end comfort to their guests. They serve the most delicious seafood, local food and other south Indian dishes to the holidaymakers.

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