Cyprus – The Land of Aesthetically Procured Art


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Glimpse of Troodos Mountains, Mesaoria plains, and testimony of gigantic Mediterranean Sea, all directs towards the semi-arid island of Cyprus. Cyprus attracts maximum number of travellers because of its subtropical climate, mild winters, warm to hot summers and no snow at all; in fact, it is known for its warm weather conditions which make the island dry. Twinkling of the Mediterranean Sea, height of the Troodos Mountains and twisted uplands offer exclusive vistas to its travellers. Travellers often prowl to encounter the wonderful sunset, pastel horizontal stripe across the sky and tranquil southern slopes that give a feeling of wide-eyed awe. Rural places, stone work and architectural buildings make it the most admired travel destination.


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Travellers know that the region often suffers water shortage, but it does not discourage them to visit the far-reaching heights of the southern mountains and widely imaginative plains. They relish the famous dishes that astonish their minds. From Greek salad, pumpkin, desert wines, lamb and goat to the fresh fruits along with souvla and halloumi, you can enjoy in your favourite restaurants; these are the integral part of the social life in Cyprus. Travellers mostly visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are purely scenic and historic.


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Religious fellows stare at the dome shaped monuments, Turkish Cypriots, grotesque figures, and religious sites to explore the island through River Jordan. Through the river they also look into the depths of Greek culture and Byzantine expressions. Art lovers embrace this land because it has its own history of Chalcolithic period carved figures that are second to none. The best thing is that the place is the home to abundant examples of quality religious icon paintings. No doubt, both art and culture are aesthetically procured by the native people; they not only savour the flavour of thousand year old artistic paintings, but also collect them for the future generations.


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If you feel dry in this region, then you can move toward the balmy areas where you will find snow-capped mountains in the south. These mountains are caricatured by the local painters in their own way; they not only exaggerate the paintings but also store them as collage.

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