Cambodia – The Empire of Temples

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God’s own country, rich rice farms, glimpse of mighty Khmer empire, slight touch of Thailand, south western part of the Indochina peninsula and a famous land of Theravada Buddhism, all define only the spellbound of Cambodia. Total empire of Temples, enchanting, unmatched mountains, great expanding lakes, central plains, sparsely populated highlands, Elephant Mountains, and extensive plateaus of Cambodia, invite tourists from across the world. Towering elevations, dissected terrains and free flowing rivers dominates the hydrology of the region. Topical wet, annual rainfall, adjacent floodplains and dry zone altogether makes it a great place to wander.  

Once the land of Khmer Empire, and still inhabited by the Khmer people, the region exhibits vastness of its culture, region, religion, language and ethnic background. The region is inhabited by rural dwellers, farmers and artisans. Travellers love to reach to the highest mountains to experience the best expression of Khmer genius. Most of the residents of Cambodia are settled near the extensive water bodies as well as lowlands region. The villages are scattered and the lands are cultivated in the vicinity of wetlands. Travellers meet tribal people living on the mountain ranges and highlands and experience their unique way of hunting, fishing, and gathering food supplements. The orthodox and the traditional Cham and Vietnamese inhabitants are also widely distributed in the region.

Angkor Archaeological Park

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Phnom Bakheng


Angkor Wat before sunset, Cambodia.

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Most of the travellers visit legendary and symbolic Angkor Archaeological Park and its enormous size and overwhelming beauty of the surroundings. The park provides breathtaking photographic opportunities for the professional photographers. The monument is mesmerizing and the nearby greenery holds unlimited textural and lighting opportunities for taking pictures.

Sihanoukville beach

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Sihanoukville beach offers incredible warmth and thrill to its visitors; it is the best place to enjoy the fresh seafood (crab, prawns and fishes) and coconut juice. Travellers love diving, snorkelling and scuba trips with their friends; they experience the great canvass of beach umbrellas, thatched roofed eateries, and surprising beach hotels.

Banteay Chhmar Temple

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When it comes to the beauty of history of Cambodia, Banteay Chhmar Temple strikes at a first gaze; it is one of the most intriguing sites in the Khmer empire. The main complex includes number of trees, galleries, stones and religious structures that date back to 13th century. Travellers often collect complete information about the region, travel maps, accommodation facilities and transportation information well in advance in order to improve their travel experience.

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