Sensing the Gyrations of Antelope


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Are you a fan of inexplicable wild tours & spiralling contours? Do you love to explore mysterious beauty encrusted with natural murals? Do you like awe-inspiring sculptures? Then, you must visit Antelope Canyon in Arizona that is crafted by the powers of nature. Most travellers call it a haunted mansion of the nature, but others call it a real masterpiece of earth. Known for its rugged and enigmatic fantasies, the Antelope Canyon boasts rich and creative sunrise and sunset. The gorgeous Canyon is formed by a narrow crevice separated by raging water. The dark canyons drop somewhere in the middle of nowhere that forms a rim for its travellers.


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A visitor to the Lower Antelope Canyon, near Page, Arizona. (model released)

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Ancient sandstone and shades of canyon exposes its real nature while showing glimpse of spiral rock arches through a natural lens. The narrow eroded passageways are astounding and thus attract optimum number of travellers. When water runs through it, it looks exceptionally mesmerizing and charming. Next to the vast Lake Powell, the resonating yet mysterious valley is a boon for adventure hungry wanderers. Travellers love to dance with stone & sand to capture the snaps of the valley beauty. Children play hide and seek amongst the stones and cliffs and enjoy the sunlight beaming into the rocks.


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Sunrise and sunset looks spectacular from here because the valley’s texture scatter the light, making it a spiritual wonderland. Travellers and especially photographers soak themselves into the bright light of the washed away downstream. The rugged beauty of the Thumb Rock, The Four Sisters, Cathedral and Pucket Rock makes the adventure more burning and delightful; native plants and ancestral cliff ranges urge for utmost adventure. The place is widely known for its desert climate, with hot summers as well as mild winters. The uplifted plateaus, petrified forests and the surrounding plains are great to ramble. As the region is prone to wild winds, it is good to carry winter shields.


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Uninterrupted ranges and gyrations of rocks gravitates highest number of rock climbers from across the America. Often self-congratulatory intellectually-illuminating region boasts natural wealth that can only be enjoyed with a high-resolution camera. However, it must be noted that Antelope Canyon can only be accessed through prearranged tours led by local guides.

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