Visiting the Cultural Hub of Spain – Madrid

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Large glimpse of Manzanares River, raging bulls in the bullring, cultural hub of Spain, a perfectly calibrated Mediterranean climate with sporadic snowfalls and an impressive array of Spanish Architecture entails about the soulful city of Madrid. Madrid is known for medieval architecture that are preserved here in the heart of Madrid; travellers often come here to see magnificent San Nicolás and San Pedro el Viejo church towers, the church of St. Jerome, and the Bishop’s Chapel that are widely known across the world because of their dazzling architecture and sheer ability to attract architecture lovers. A short stay is sufficient to experience the diverse grades of this traditional city.

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Travellers roam around the city to lurk into the rich past of the city; the best view they experience here is by observing Circulo de Belles Artes before moving to the artisan market. Here they experience delicious Spanish cuisine, vintage wine, cafe, and fresh fruit juices; most visitors directly approach to lush green Retiro Park, while sipping beer. Experiencing the culture of flamenco is a unique element of Madrid. The best thing is that Madrid is full of dance, enjoyment, colourful art, cultural shades and welcoming architecture. You can see expressively flamboyant flamenco shows to sense the real air of Madrid. The dancers will magnetize you and bless your soul to swirl and dance.

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The awakening culture of Madrid and its famous elements such as Tapas bars, cocktail bars, clubs, jazz lounges, and live music venues, capture the heart vibes of travellers. Travelling enthusiasts also visit Cervantes Institute headquarters, San Francisco el Grande, Almudena Cathedral and above all the Royal Palace of Madrid. The places are the live exhibition of art, culture and rich heritage of Madrid.


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When it comes to the power, culture, stamina, and speed, Madrid roars because it fosters the world famous culture of bullfighting. Madrid’s bullfighting season begins in March and certainly ends in October. It has the ability to ignite passion in you and allow you to measure the free-flowing power of raging bulls. You can enjoy musical concert as well as dance shows here in the Las Ventas. The capital city is worth traversing with family and friends as you can enjoy strolling down to the streets, botanical gardens and monuments while observing the super impressive, rewarding and grand Gran Via. In fact, soaking up the morning as well as evening views from Circulo de Bellas Artes is second to none here in Madrid.

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