Figure of History and Fascination of Future – Island of Zanzibar

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Gentle sea breezes, one of the most enchanting Indian Ocean islands, gorgeous sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, fascinating stone town, lingering wooden balconies, and old cliffs entice global trekkers to visit this island of Zanzibar. Most of the places of Zanzibar are as ethereal as heaven; its slave relics are sure to touch your heart. As the town unfolds, you will encounter enigmatic twist and turns. The richly textured history, marine biodiversity, incredible mix of fringing coral reefs, and relics of the last ice age makes the much more dramatic. The island has its own riddled tale and history, which never attempts to hide its natural magnetism.

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A soulful island of Zanzibar features an almost outrageously great collection of reefs. The nature has lovingly carves the island for its travellers. The crisscross of cobblestones make it easy to slither for the travellers to lost their hearts and souls. The thrilling, bustling and sparkling narrow streets feature old mansions, parks, monuments and cultural buildings that will put you in an old era of past. Sultan’s palace, House of Wonders, Forodhani Gardens, and St. Joseph’s Cathedral are the hottest attractions of Zanzibar. Both Pemba and Unguja Island are rich in flora and fauna and travellers encounter the most acclaimed wildlife here.

Story Summary: 2 days for 36 hours in dar as salam

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 Prominent buildings, old stone town, compelling market and Cathedrals make the island distinctive and ultimately immaculate. Despite being a poverty-driven and old enslaved island, it boasts great diversity and rich culture, which attracts maximum number of tourists from across the world. Travellers navigate the island to experience Aquaculture of red algae, seaweed and fine raffia, fishing and dugout canoe production as well as an extensive coastline.


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 The island is highly successful when it comes to total number of tourist population. It actually shows what is the real meaning of social pariah and the embracement of modern world. Known for its heroic past, astonishing virtues of nature; deemed multidimensional climatic hues and structured yet focused bazaars make the island a true evoking place to explore. The largely untouched beaches and prosperity of natural kingdom makes the place contemplative and salutary. No doubt, the island will be remembered as a figure of history and fascination of future.

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