Land of Hunting, Fishing, Canoeing & Kayaking – Sweden

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Light show of nature, untamed wilderness, heavily forested land, brotherhood of coastal islands, inland lakes, forests and mountains, Scandinavian culture, as well as expansive peninsula interpret the legacy of Sweden. Sweden is known for hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, hiking, horse riding and golfing across the world.

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The land itself encourages travellers to kiss, hug and relish the highest summits of the snow-capped mountains and wetlands. They enjoy non-stop skiing, skating, and dog-sledding as well as other sporting activities during the winter season. Spring season inspire you to explore the coastal region by kayaking, hiking the trails in the Värmland.

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If you love ropes, cliffs, wood, and large green lands, then timber rafting is the best thing for you; more and more travellers roam around the lakes and cliffs as well as lands to build timber rafts.

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Dimmig skog, Täfteå, Norrland

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Klarälven river provides the opportunity to drift down the river to experience the untainted beauty of villages, forest, wilderness and the native wetlands! It is also a pure paradise for fishers; they catch the famous fish species from salmon, catfish to perch and cod. Lowlands, forestland, rivers and native lakes holds ample fish species that attracts fish enthusiasts from around the world.  

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Travellers love to explore the criss-cross hiking trails dotted with trees and herbs wilderness in Swedish land; they love to go through the Halland trails in the temperate south that have their own history to expound to its lovers.


The Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea and the scattered archipelago is as ethereal as heaven; the kingdom is vast, idyllic and gracious when it comes to beauty.

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Most travellers look towards the momentous Scandinavian Mountains that exhibits its power and passion through the highest peaks. The mountains are composed of Precambrian and Paleozoic rocks that cannot be spotted anywhere else.

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Tradition, art, aesthetics, culture, urban lifestyle and prominent Swedish traditional dish lovers, roam around the streets to catch the local vibes, wines, food, and music and art. The restaurants, hotels and bars offer the best Scandinavian food and drink that is as special as the native people. Not to forget, the region has a main crush on absolutely delicious fish, meat, potatoes, dry crisp bread, boiled crayfish, dairy products and shellfishes.

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